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E-MAIL ADDRESS CHANGES - To change an e-mail account on the Chattnews Yahoo group:

1) Send an e-mail from the old e-mail account to:;

2) Then send an e-mail from the new e-mail account to:
(Provide your name and street address in the subscription message.)

We are pleased to announce that our tennis court reservations will now be handled by This service will allow you to check on court availability and make reservations from the internet or via a toll-free telephone number.  In addition, this will give all the ability to cancel reservations just by logging in.  All court reservations will be handled through this system, so please follow the instructions below to begin.

  1. Go to and click on Player Sign-Up to setup a new player account.
  2. Select Chattahoochee Run - Suwanee as your Home Facility.
  3. Enter our Facility Code: 1234
  4. If you are a Captain please contact the Tennis Committee for a different Access Code.  XXXX (see note below)
  5. Fill in the remainder of your information and click SUBMIT.
  6. Login at or call 1-877-ON-COURT (662-6878) anytime day or night to reserve courts.
  • You may sign-up for your player account immediately.
  • All court reservations from May 21 or later must be made using either the online or telephone systems. You can begin to make reservations for those dates immediately after setting up your player account.
  • Please continue to use the current reservation method for court dates prior to May 21, 2012

Note: Please be aware that all players have reasonable limits on the length of reservations or on how far in advance they can reserve courts.  Please refer to the attached guidelines.  These limits are not applied to team captains since they will have to schedule larger blocks of time for matches and practice. Therefore, captains should register with a different Access Code.  Captains should contact the tennis committee to receive their Access Code at

ChattNews Newsletter

The printed neighborhood newsletter is scheduled to come out four times a year.  This quarterèattNews can be downloaded by clicking here.

The deadlines for each publication are provided in the table below.  Anyone desiring to contribute articles and anyone desiring to help in the production and distribution is encouraged to contact the Editor at

Letters/Articles Due Date

Editor Submits for Printing

February 7th

February 12th

May 9th

May 14th

August 8th

August 13th

November 7th

November 12th


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As of June 10th, the watering ban has been removed. We now go back to regular odd street address (Sun, Tue, Thu) and even street address (Sat, Mon, Wed) watering from midnight until 10am. For more information, also click HERE.



Outdoor fires and burning are regulated within Gwinnett County, and include the following restrictions:

1. Outdoor burning, except grills for food cooking, is prohibited from May 1 through Sep. 30th.

2. Outdoor burning of trash is ALWAYS prohibited.

3. Warming fires are only allowed when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees.


Penalties include up to $1,000 fine and 1 year in jail! For more details, see the Gwinnett County Burn Guidelines here. To report violations contact the Fire Marshall at 678-518-6277.


The Safety & Security Committee has studied garbage collection in our community, including ways to reduce the number of heavy garbage and recycling trucks, and has conducted a survey of residents on this subject. Recently, letters from the Board were hand-delivered to each residence providing the results of the survey, and explaining that the Board has chosen Red Oak Sanitation to serve as the Preferred Vendor of sanitation services for our community, due to their excellent pricing ($15/month, guaranteed for two years), and range of services provided for that price (weekly trash, recycling, and yard waste pickup). Residents are asked (NOT required!) to consider switching to Red Oak to help reduce truck traffic in the neighborhood, while also getting a very good deal on sanitation services Collection day for Red Oak is Tuesday, and for more information, see the Red Oak Proposal.




Please, pick up and properly dispose of all pet droppings when walking your dogs ANYWHERE in the neighborhood! Children (and adults) play on the soccer field, walking paths, and streets, and should not be stepping in your dogথcal waste!

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