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Below are a some links for more information about the City of Suwanee and various other sites containing information on how to protect yourselves and your family. You will also find a list of important phone numbers. Keep this list available in case an emergency. - City of Suwanee Official website - Leave town with peace of mind. Alert your City of Suwanee Police about your departure and return plans and help them keep an eye on things while you're gone. - Georgia Bureau of Investigation - Law enforcement links - The official Web site of Gwinnett County Government. This is your source for news, information and links about Government in Gwinnett County, Georgia. - This site provides live scanner audio of Gwinnett County, Georgia Police, Fire, and EMS radio communications. It also has a links to a General discussion forum about what you hear on the scanner, the web site and other topics. There is also a link to the Community Watch service that will e-mail you anytime anyone in your neighborhood or community has been added to the Georgia Sex Offender Registry and the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles' Parolee Database. - Community Safety Series - A collection of learning opportunities on topics that directly impact the safety, security, and quality of life in your community. - Justice for Kids - This Web Page is designed just for kids. It provides information on different aspects of justice - like internet crimes, drug prevention and laws that protect your rights. There is so much you can learn. Take a look and think about what you can do at school or in your community. - Evaluate Risks in your Life - Crime exists. Your vulnerability cannot be ignored. Threat assessment is a means for you to calmly evaluate your risks. The tests on this site will let you realistically determine your chances of being a victim. - The STOP IDENTITY THEFT Network is a public/private partnership that brings together federal, state and local officials in an effort to stop identity theft in Georgia. This Web site is intended to help individuals, businesses and law enforcement officers understand more about the crime of identity theft, what steps to take to combat it and how to respond to it if it occurs.

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency Contacts

Suwanee Police

(770) 945-8995

Poison Control Center

(800) 222-1222

Gwinnett Police/Fire/Medical


Rape Crisis Center

(770) 497-9122

Crisis Hotline & Information

(404) 892-4646

Suicide Hotline

(800) 784-2433

Georgia Helpline

(800) 338-6745

Homeless Taskforce

(404) 589-9495

Federal Bureau of Investigation

(404) 679-9000

Georgia Homeland Security

(404) 624-7030

Georgia State Patrol

(404) 624-6077



Non-Emergency Contacts

Suwanee City Government

(770) 945-8996

Seniors Information Line

(770) 513-5858

Gwinnett City Government

(770) 822-8000

United Way Helpline


Gwinnett Child Services - DEFACS

(770) 638-5790

Voters Registration

(770) 822-8787

American Red Cross

(404) 881-9800

Gwinnett Transit

(770) 822-5010

Animal Control

(770) 339-3200

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

(404) 530-6830

Board of Health

(770) 995-3339


(404) 881-3062

State Consumer Affairs

(404) 651-8600

Gwinnett Medical Center

(678) 442-4321

Gwinnett Library System

(770) 978-5154

Joan Glancy Medical Center

(678) 584-6800

Gwinnett Convention Center

(770) 623-3600

Gwinnett Police / Fire / Medical

(770) 513-5100

Gwinnett Help Line

(770) 995-3339

Gwinnett County Schools

(770) 513-6601

National Weather Service

(770) 486-8834



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