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Pool Parties
You are welcome to have a party at the pool any time during normal pool hours. You will not have exclusive access to the pool, but you can have your party in some area where you can claim the space (on a first come, first served basis). There is no charge for using the pool for a party. If you decide you need to use the clubhouse, upper or lower, that has to be scheduled with CMA and there is a fee. You can schedule an after-hours party at the pool, 9 - 11pm. Please contact me if you want to do that.

Lifeguards for your party
If you are going to have a large group of people for the party, you should arrange to hire an extra lifeguard, maybe more than one, to supplement the guard on duty. This is for safety of everyone at the party. Do not assume that adults at the party will watch young children in the pool. My experience is that they don't. For the lifeguard services, you should contact SwimAtlanta (678-985-4030). Please go to the link below to read SwimAtlanta's guidelines on pool parties. You can request the lifeguard services online at this site as well. Lifeguard costs are $25/hour/guard.

Please schedule your lifeguard services with SwimAtlanta in as much advance as you can so that they can arrange for the guards. Please also remember that clean up after the party is your responsibility, not the lifeguards.

Pool Key Cards
If you lost your key card or don't have one or need an extra one, you must get another one through our property management group, Advantage Community Management, Inc. Please contact Merrill Walker. They will charge you for replacing a lost card or issuing a second one ($20 per card, I think).



  1. Admittance to pool is only to residents/homeowners in good standing and their accompanied guests.
  2. When lifeguard is present (12 noon - 9:00 p.m.), children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) to be admitted and use pool area. In absence of a lifeguard, no one under 18 is permitted in the pool area without parent or guardian present at all times. 
  3. Pool hours are from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., however, a lifeguard will be present only from 12 noon - 9:00 p.m.  All other hours are swim at own risk.  No one is permitted in the pool after 9:00 p.m.
  4. The pool gates are to remain latched during swim hours for safety reasons. A key is required for entry into the pool. Please bring your pool key with you when you go to swim.
  5. No solo swimming is permitted.
  6. The pool must be cleared for 30 minutes after thunder or lightning.  The lifeguard may on occasion be forced to close the pool for longer periods if circumstances demand.
  7. Resident parents are responsible for their children and their guests (whether parent is at pool or not) and are required to familiarize their children with pool rules.
  8. For safety reasons, no running, pushing, roughhousing, dunking, jumping from guard chair, etc., will be permitted. The lifeguard on duty is asked to strictly enforce these rules. 
  9. Every hour, the lifeguard is required to call for Adult Swim. No one under 18 is permitted in the pool, and the lifeguard will be on break for 10-15 minutes.
  10. Clean up in the pool area is the responsibility of the resident that brings food and beverage items in.  Please help place any trash you see in proper receptacles. The lifeguards are not janitors.  Their primary duty is to insure a safe environment for our enjoyment.
  11. No glass containers, bottles, dishes or breakable items are permitted in the pool areas. Gum is not permitted in the pool area.
  12. NO SMOKING inside the pool gates or in the clubhouse.
  13. No alcoholic beverages should be consumed by anyone under 21 years of age. Please be discreet with containers of alcoholic beverages. Anyone showing signs of intoxication will be denied use of the facilities, and may be subject to suspension and/or expulsion.
  14. The Board of Directors shall have authority when they deem necessary to expel anyone at anytime for violation of these rules, use of abusive language, or apparent intoxication. Individuals expelled may not return to the facilities for 24 hours, and may be subject to permanent expulsion.
  15. Water wings, small round floats, snorkel tubes, facemasks, and soft rubber/plastic balls under 12" in diameter are permitted. Other floatation devices are subject to lifeguard discretion.
  16. No pets, roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, or scooters are permitted in the pool area.
  17. No one with open or infected wounds is allowed in the pool.
  18. Babies in diapers must also wear rubber pants. This is a very important rule! Leaky diapers could result in the pool being closed for 24 hours.
  19. Children in wading pool area must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.
  20. Cut-offs and other improper swimwear are not permitted in the pool.
  21. The health and safety of those using the pool is ultimately their own responsibility.  The community association and the Board of Directors assume no responsibility.  Members (residents) and guests can have no claim against the community association, Board of Directors, residents past or present, SwimAtlanta, CMA, or John Wieland Homes for any accident or injury. Furthermore, the community association and the Board of Directors are not responsible for loss or damage of personal property.  Members (residents) are responsible for damage or injuries they (including their children) or their guests may cause.
  22. The Pool Committee and/or the Board of Directors will address other issues as they arise, and reserve the right to change, modify or alter these rules as appropriate.
  23. The pool is available for after-hours private parties only upon scheduling with the Pool Committee.  After hours parties require appropriate guards provided by SwimAtlanta.  Please contact a Pool Committee member 14 days in advance of your party to check availability.  You can obtain the SwimAtlanta Pool Party Request Form from the community web site:

Keep in mind; the lifeguard fees are the responsibility of the resident having the party.  Pool parties must end no later than 11:00 p.m.


Please adhere to these rules and politely remind others if they happen to forget them.


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