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Burning Debris: Listed below are the rules for burning yard debris as posted by the Gwinnett County Fire Marshall

    • Burning is banned: May 1st 㥰tember 30
    • Rules for outdoor burning on one௷n property (weather permitting):
      • Burning is allowed during daylight hours, Monday through Saturday.
      • Burning of natural fallen debris such as limbs, leaves, twigs only.
      • Burn in small piles such as 4 ft. X 4 ft.
      • 50 ft. From any structure or wooden fence.
      • Have a water source available that will reach to where you are burning (such as a garden hose or fire extinguisher).
      • Stay with it at all times.
      • Have the fire completely out before dark.
    • Burning is not allowed for the following reasons:
      • No Sunday burning.
      • No burning when winds exceed 15 mph.
      • No burning when itযggy, overcast, or raining. Wait a complete day after a rainfall before burning.
      • No burning of household garbage, solid waste or materials producing a heavy dark smoke.
      • No burning within 20 ft. of flammable, combustible, or explosive materials.
      • No burning is allowed in the cities of Lilburn and Sugar Hill.

For more information, call the Outdoor Information line at (678) 518-6102

    • Press 9 then 2 for open burning restrictions.
    • Press 9 then 3 for information on burning permits.


Protect Your Home Against Burglary When Going On Vacation!

Everyone looks forward to taking vacations. Unfortunately, this can be an opportune time for a burglar to strike, especially if there are obvious signs that your home is unoccupied. Whether gone for a day or a couple of weeks, take the following precautions:

1. Check all doors and windows to make sure they are securely locked. If any locks need to be replaced or reinforced, make these improvements before you leave.

2. Use automatic timers on interior lights. A timer can also be used on a portable radio. Use photo electric cells (which screw into the light socket) on exterior lights. These devices will "automatically" turn lights on/off depending on the level of darkness. Also check into putting up motion sensor lights outside your home. The areas you may want to light up would be the front door area, garage, back entry door, and any area that you feel is a vulnerable area that has limited lighting at night.

3. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, arrange to have your lawn mowed.

4. It is also a good idea to ask a neighbor to park a car in your driveway and to use your garbage container. Make sure that items such as childrenയys, ladders, lawn furniture, etc. are put away.

5. A trusted neighbor should be informed of your vacation plans; when you are leaving and expected return date. Leave a key with a trusted friend or neighbor so that the position of curtains, blinds can be changed. Also if you don࣡ncel newspapers and postal delivery, ask them to pick up and place in the house. Inform trusted neighbors on all four sides of when you젢e gone so that a complete look-out is maintained. Be selective, however, in announcing your plans to anyone else.

6. If you have an alarm system make sure itࡣtivated when you leave. Leave the house key with a neighbor and show them how to turn the security system on and off. Be sure whoever is on your emergency call list knows the password in case of a false alarm and knows the security code to turn the alarm off and on with. When I was a security alarm consultant, I always reminded my customers to keep their emergency call list updated and make sure those people who had access to their home had a security code to set the alarm. The last thing you want are unnecessary false alarms.


Ten Cheap Ways To Burglar Proof Your Home For Your Vacation

When we leave for vacation, the last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our homes and belongings are secure. Burglar proofing is not always as simple as paying thousands of dollars for a high tech security system. Not everyone can afford to pay that kind of money for their peace of mind. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to burglar proof your home on a budget so that you can enjoy that vacation without worrying about security.

1. Enlist the help of your neighbors - If you are comfortable and familiar with a trusted neighbor, then have them collect your newspapers, put your trash out on the curb, and park their car at your home a couple of times while you are gone. These actions will tell potential burglars that somebody is around, and will keep the property at least appearing active.

2. Put a stop delivery on your mail - This is huge, as an overflowing mailbox is a big green light to burglars.

3. Get a timer for some electronic items inside the house - You can purchase these timers for a song at most any hardware store, and they will turn your lights, stereo, television, and radio on and off at the times you choose. The best times to have them on are around mid afternoon, and during the evening.

4. Buy a few sirens for the doors and windows - These little sirens make big noise when they go off. Radio Shack sells them cheaply, and they are a simple contact installation. One side goes on either side of the door or window frame. If the door or window opens, the siren goes off. The noise these things make will send the burglar running most of the time and they are a wonderful substitute for high priced security.

5. Take extremely valuable things to storage, or leave them with a trusted friend - If you own anything of extreme value, then take the extra time to leave it with somebody you trust while you are gone. Sometimes this is not practical, but for those things that are, it is an easy solution. Crime is only a problem when you present an opportunity for the most part.

6. Clear all hedges, bushes, and trees from entry points - This is a good idea regardless of your vacation status. Ground floor windows, doors, and even basements are entry points that should not be hidden from clear view. Trim those bushes and hedges so that burglars are in the open if they attempt a break in.

7. Get a guard dog - Again, this is not always practical, but studies show that a house with a dog is less likely to be broken into. Period. Of course, you will then need someone to let the dog out and feed your little pooch while on vacation, but it is better than being burglarized.

8. Have someone stay at the house - This is not as bad as it is made out to be. If you have a trusted family member, have them take a little mini vacation at your home while you do the same. It is also an option to try if you have no people that you really trust around the neighborhood.

9. Insert a block in your sliding glass door - If you have a sliding glass door, this is almost a necessity. These doors are notoriously easy to break into, and a simple two by four or other fitted stick can help immensely. There are some wonderful products on the market that you can buy as well to slide into the track.

10. Post an alarm sign anyway - Regardless of whether you have an alarm system or not, post a sign as though you do. These signs are far from a complete deterrent, but a large number of burglars will bypass a house simply because of the sign. There are lazy burglars out there, just like anybody else. Every burglar you can deter increases your chances of safety.

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Crime Prevention means reducing the chances for criminals to victimize you, your family, and your neighbors. It means protecting property and teaching kids and adults to be alert and aware of their surroundings. It means doing things that build communities up, and stopping things that tear communities down.

Crime prevention isn't a flashy gimmick or a trendy fad. The knowledge that citizens working together can do something about crime has steadily gained momentum. Neighborhood Watch's and community policing programs are now a part of the landscape. Law enforcement agencies and community groups view crime prevention as a priority. Corporations see child protection and neighborhood security as important to the interests of their customers.

For more information on crime prevention tips, click the links below.

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