Community Garden

Chattahoochee Run & Point community garden was established in 2011 as a 50’ x 100’ fenced garden open to all HOA residents for a small yearly fee or a one-time “lifetime” membership.   Currently, the garden has about 10% of the community actively participating.  We have sixteen private 4’x10’ and eight 2’x8’ raised garden plots. 

The construction and maintenance expenses are covered by the membership fees.  We have well water nearby and have installed four water faucets inside the garden. We maintain three larger “Community Grow” plots where members can share responsibilities/harvest with other garden members.  The past few years we have opened up the sweet potato harvest to the kids, grandkids, and cousins of any homeowner in the neighborhood. 

The garden is a great way to connect with others while enjoying the outdoors.  We have blueberry bushes and annual flower planting all members enjoy.

If you are a resident, and would like to apply for a garden plot, please review the forms in the Garden section of our Documents.